The last page…

school booksI prefer to read a book from the last page backward. If the last page, the last chapter, the resolution of the entire book is captivating, then I’m motivated to start at page one and read to the end.  As the last week of our homeschool school year ends, I find myself wanting to go back to page one – that is, day one – of this school year and begin from the beginning… again.  I would do some things differently – savor the good times longer and release the difficult times quicker.  The irony in homeschooling is that I’m the student, the student of humility in discovering all I don’t know.  So, as my daughters and I close the last pages of this set of books, we return to the beginning and start again to master words, numbers, and all the lessons of faith there are to learn. Because  honestly, there is no beginning or end to learning!


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